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When you’re riding any straight-axle sport quad in rough or rocky terrain, it’s mandatory to have good undercarriage protection. Of course, a full-chassis skid plate is something you’d be looking at, but the chain and rotor are even more important, as they are only inches off the ground.

It doesn’t take much, like a rock hitting it just right, to bend your rotor or destroy the links in your chain. There are companies who offer swingarm skid plates for $120–$150, but on the downside, they typically reduce ground clearance.


The $177 billet-aluminum Blingstar dual-sprocket guard is bolted to both sides of the sprocket hub, sandwiching the sprocket, protecting not only the chain but the sprocket and hub. The dual-sprocket guard is a simple bolt-on and took only minutes to install. After removing the left rear wheel and the stock sprocket bolts, pull off the sprocket and weave the new inner sprocket guard through the chain. Next, put the sprocket and the outer sprocket guard alongside the sprocket hub back in place. Clamp the guards, sprocket and hub together with your new, longer sprocket bolts and the nylon locking nuts that are provided. Mount your wheel back on and you’re ready to roll.


The $142 billet-aluminum Blingstar rotor guard was a little more difficult to install, but it’s definitely not rocket science. Start by pulling off the rear brake caliper, then take off the right rear wheel and wheel hub. Finally, we removed the axle locking nut on the Tusk axle and slipped off the rotor hub. The Blingstar rotor guard not only protects, but it’s a caliper mount as well.

Once you have the old caliper mount off, slip the new Blingstar rotor guard in place. It slips on nice and easy with a small amount of WD-40 due to its snug fit. Make sure you wipe away any excess lube, as it will just collect dirt on your first ride. Mounting the snap ring can be nearly impossible without a pair of snap-ring pliers, so make sure it’s in the grove on the end of the carrier all around the ring; you don’t want that to come undone while riding. Next up is installing your axle components, wheel hub and wheel, then use your new Blingstar 14mm billet-flanged hex bolts to mount your brake caliper back in place. After about an hour’s work or so, both Blingstar’s dual-sprocket guard and rotor guard are installed and ready to protect!

We decided to put the guards to the test in Santa Clara, Utah, where there are plenty of  fast rocky washes, G-outs, whoops, deep ruts, rocky hill-climbs and rock ledges. The guards are holding up great, can take a beating and definitely serve their purpose. After such a great test, easy installation and, of course, a quality product, it is hard to go and shop for something else. Order yours today by calling (866) 412-5464 or visiting their site at www.blingstar.com.

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